Email Journey Toolkit

Plug & Play ConvertKit Automations

Want to keep your subscribers engaged so you can convert them into sales? 

 Harness the power of automations in your email marketing strategy.

No More...

  Wasting time manually managing all of your email campaigns 

   Losing sales because of a disengaged audience 

   Missing opportunities to streamline due to tech overwhelm 

   Weighing down your list (and your monthly costs!) with cold subscribers

Send the right emails to the right people at the right time- on autopilot!

It's easy with...

Your resource for creating subscriber journeys that build trust and engagement along the way. 


With just a click of a button, you can copy three different visual automations to your own ConvertKit account. All the forms, tags, and email sequence templates are already included, along with video tutorials showing you how to set them up. 

 Simply customize the templates to fit your brand and you're good to go!


I'm Samantha, the founder of Mama Hen Media, where I help fellow online business owners, like you, craft customer journeys to turn leads into clients. 

Tell me if this sounds familiar:  

Late nights spent poring over endless tutorials, trial and error, and more than a few frustrated sighs... Well, I decided enough was enough. I wanted to create something that would make setting up email automations a breeze for all of us in the online space. 


So, I rolled up my sleeves, dove deep into ConvertKit, and emerged with a toolkit that will help you nurture your email subscribers on autopilot.  

With easy-to-use templates, step-by-step guides, and a sprinkle of tech magic, this toolkit is here to save you time, energy, and sanity. 


Why ConvertKit? Well, my friend, ConvertKit is like the Swiss Army knife of email marketing tools. It's versatile, powerful, and perfect for creating repeatable funnels that turn leads into loyal customers.


This is for you if..

You're an online business owner who wants to nurture your subscribers effectively- on autopilot

You want to quickly create email funnels with easy-to-follow tutorials and templates

You already have ConvertKit and are ready to plug in visual automations to build relationships with your audience

You've been considering ConvertKit as your email service provider, and want a peek at its functionality


Make it easy with the Email Journey Toolkit, your resource for creating subscriber journeys that build trust and engagement along the way.

Yours for only $97

Welcome Automation

Includes lead magnet delivery and a 3-part welcome sequence that will leave your subscribers feeling valued and eager for more. 


 • Opt-in form 

 • Incentive email template 

 • 3 email welcome sequence 

 • 2 tags

Email Challenge Automation

Take your subscribers through a self-paced challenge delivered via email to strengthen your connection and demonstrate your expertise. 


 • Landing page

 • Incentive email template

 • 2 tags 

 • 1 email sequence with 7 emails

List Cleaner Automation

Effortlessly remove unengaged subscribers from your list and maintain your sender reputation. 


• 1 conditional split 

 • 1 email sequence

• Unsubscribe automation


"Being able to copy the automations straight into my account ready to edit is awesome. Thank you. Has saved me time and brain power figuring it out!"

                                              -Zoe, happy customer


As a busy entrepreneur, you know the importance of connecting with your email subscribers and keeping them engaged. After all, they are potential clients who can help grow your business. 

 That's where the Email Journey Toolkit comes in! 


With this powerful toolkit, you can automate your email marketing and create a more personalized experience for your subscribers. The Email Journey Toolkit gives you a library of customizable templates and video tutorials that make it easy to create unique customer journeys in ConvertKit. 


With the Email Journey Toolkit, you can save time and improve your email marketing strategy, all while building stronger relationships with your subscribers.

Email Journey Toolkit: Plug and Play ConvertKit Automations$97

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