List Cleaner Automation

Ready to scrub your email list, remove the dead weight, and improve your sender reputation?

Learn how to do it on autopilot!


Tired of seeing your carefully crafted emails land in the spam folder, or worse, not delivered at all? 

 Sick of paying your email service provider for unengaged subscribers on your list? 

 Scratching your head over how to manage and clean your email list effectively?

I know you've been hustling to grow your email list, but here's the thing:  bigger is not always better.

When you have subscribers who never engage with your emails, it can really drag down your sender reputation and affect your overall deliverability.

Plus, if you're paying your email service provider based on the number of subscribers you have (even if they never open your emails), it can be a real kick in the wallet! 



Discover how easy it can be to clean your email list and improve your deliverability.

With just a click of a button, you can copy the List Cleaner visual automation to your own ConvertKit (Soon to be Kit) account. The split conditions, email sequence templates, and actions are already included. 

 Simply customize the templates to fit your brand and you're good to go!


Training Video

Learn about the importance of scrubbing your email list, and the metrics negatively impacted by a list weighed down with unengaged subscribers.

List Cleaner Automation

Import into your ConvertKit account with one click!


• 2 conditional splits 

 • 1 email sequence

• Unsubscribe automation

Step-By-Step Tutorial

Your guide to importing the List Cleaner Automation into your ConvertKit account, creating an automation rule, and customizing the templates to fit your brand. 

This is for you if..

You're an online business owner who wants to clean your email list- on autopilot

You want maximize your email strategy with  easy-to-follow tutorials and templates

You already have ConvertKit (soon to be Kit) and are ready to plug in visual automations 

You've been considering ConvertKit as your email service provider, and want a peek at its functionality


Hey, I'm Samantha. 

I'm the founder of Mama Hen Media, and my mission is to help online business owners like you create customer journeys that turn leads into loyal customers.  

With over 2K students and clients under my belt, I've learned a thing or two about email marketing tools, and let me tell you- ConvertKit is a game changer.  It's versatile, powerful, and perfect for building repeatable funnels that will help your biz blossom. 

I'm passionate about helping you learn, love, and leverage your ConvertKit account to its fullest potential. That's why I offer trainings, templates, and tutorials, making it easy for you to create hassle-free and effective email marketing campaigns.

With the List Cleaner Automation, you can remove unengaged subscribers from your list and improve your sender reputation- on autopilot!

Improve email deliverability   Easy to use template    Time-saving tutorial 

Reduce spam complaints    Cost savings        Email marketing mini-lesson

Look at what some of my students are saying!

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Discover how a clean email list can improve your
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